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Standard Operating Guidelines

Standard Operating Guidelines


1.1 General Administration

1.2 Human Resources

1.3 Finance

1.4 Organizational Planning

1.5 Public Communications

Community Risk Reduction

2.1 General Community Risk Reduction

2.2 Public Education

2.3 Safety in the Home

2.4 Pre-Incident Planning

Occupational Safety and Health

3.1 General Occupational Safety and Health

3.2 Wellness/Fitness

3.3 Vehicle Driving and Operation

3.4 Personal Protective Equipment

3.5 Operational Safety

Emergency Operations

4.1 General Emergency Operations

4.2 Incident Management

4.3 Fire Suppression

4.4 Emergency Medical Services

4.5 Technical Rescue

4.6 Hazardous Materials


5.1 General Training

5.2 Recruit/Probationary Training

5.3 Apparatus Operator Training

5.4 Special Operations Training

5.5 In-Service Training

5.6 Professional Development/Officer Training


6.1 General Facilities

6.2 Facilities Maintenance

Apparatus and Equipment

7.1 General Apparatus

7.2 Fleet Maintenance

7.3 Equipment Maintenance

District Policies

As the district's policies are integrated into standard operating guidelines, they will be removed from this page.


00.1 Board of Commissioners.pdf00.1.2 Compensation for Commissioners.pdf00.1.3 Commissioners Governing Rules and Ethics.pdf00.2 Electronic Communication Systems.pdf00.3 Internet and Computers.pdf00.4 Preservation and Destruction of Public Records.pdf00.4.1 Public Records.pdf00.5 Awards Banquet Policy.pdf00.6 Flag Etiquette.pdf


10.2.3 Grooming.pdf10.2.4 Tobacco Usage.pdf10.2.5 Uniforms.pdf10.3.1 EST Guidelines.pdf10.4.1 Recognition of Tenure.pdf10.5 Definition of Members.pdf10.6 Personnel Records.pdf10.7 Discrimination and Harassment.pdf10.7.3 Violence & Threats of Violence.pdf10.7.6 Weapons.pdf10.7.9 Disability Accommodations.pdf10.7.10 Military Leave.pdf10.7.11 Drug Free Workplace.pdf10.7.14 Ride Alongs.pdf10.7.15 Photos and Video.pdf10.7.16 Confidentiality.pdf10.7.18 Conflicts of Interest.pdf10.7.20 Contagious Illnesses.pdf10.7.21 Inclement Weather.pdf10.7.22 Performance Management.pdf10.7.23 Code of Ethics.pdf10.7.24 Attendance.pdf10.8.1 Employment Applications.pdf10.8.2 Hiring.pdf10.8.3 Orientation.pdf



20.0.1 General Safety Guidelines.pdf20.0.2 Safety Awards.pdf20.2.1 RIT.pdf20.3.1 Bloodborne Pathogens.pdf20.3.2 MSDS.pdf20.4 Respiratory Protection.pdf20.5.1 Management’s Responsibility.pdf20.5.2 Employee’s Responsibility.pdf20.6.1 Accident Prevention.pdf20.7.1 Injury and Illness Reports.pdf20.7.2 Accident Investigation.pdf20.8.1 Health and Safety Officer.pdf



30.1.1 Civil Disturbance.pdf30.1.2 Rules of Engagement.pdf30.1.3 Resource Deployment.pdf30.2 Continuity of Governance.pdf30.3 Response to “No District” Areas.pdf



40.0 Asset Management.pdf


50.1 Dispatch via Cell Phone Text.pdf50.2 Electronic Media.pdf



60.1.1 Required Commissioner Training.pdf


Public Matters

70.1 Open Public Meetings.pdf70.1.1 Citizen Comment Guidelines.pdf70.2 Emergency Access.pdf70.4 Facilities Use.pdf70.4.1 Solicitation on Fire District Property.pdf70.5 Expenditure of Public Funds.pdf



80.1 Lost or Stolen Property.pdf80.3 Use of Official Vehicle.pdf80.5 Fitness Equipment.pdf



90.1 Budget.pdf90.2.1 Overtime for Exempt Employee.pdf90.2.2 Exempt Employee Compensation.pdf90.2.3 Employee Compensation.pdf90.2.5.a Vacation Leave.pdf90.2.5.b Holidays.pdf90.2.5.c Sick Leave.pdf90.2.5.d Bereavement Leave.pdf90.2.5.e Jury Duty.pdf90.2.5.f Physical Fitness.pdf90.2.6 Temporary Firefighter Wage.pdf90.2.7 Seniority.pdf90.2.8.a Probation – Promotion.pdf90.2.9 Health Care Coverage.pdf90.2.11 EMT Reimbursement.pdf90.2.12 Modified Duty.pdf90.3.2 Purchase Procedure.pdf90.3.3 Credit Cards.pdf90.3.4 Cash Handling and Receipting.pdf90.5.3 Travel Expense.pdf90.8.1 Surplus Equipment.pdf