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 2024 Resolutions

340-01022024 - Dedicating revenue from sale of surplus capital assets to the capital projects fund..pdf341-022024 Amending the districts 2024 operating budget.pdf342-02062024 Authorizing contingency expenditure and amendment of the districts 2024 operating budget.pdf343-03192024 Fire Levy Lid Lift.pdf344-04162024 providing expenditure of funds from the Leave Accrual Fund.pdf345-04302024 providing for appointment of committees for and against the August 6 2024 fire levy lid lift pdf.pdf346-04302024 providing for appointment of a commissioner to fill the vacancy in Positiion 5.pdf347-05212024 providing for adopting municipal research and services center (MRSC) for small public works, consultant and vendor roster.pdf348-05212024 adopting policy and procedure for district credit card use.pdf349-05212024 authorizing district purchases of supplies, material and-or equipment from or through the US government.pdf350-05212024 Surplus equipment - Belkin router.pdf


2023 Resolutions

313-01032023 Surplus Equipment MSA Firehawk and SCBA Fleet314-02072023 Surplus Equipment Milwaukee Sawzall.pdf315-03212023 Surplus Equipment -Life Paks.pdf316-04042023 Surplus Equipment -Multiple Items see Attachment A.pdf317-05022023 Surplus Equipment -Multiple Items see Attachment A.pdf318-05022023 Surplus Apparatus S93 see Attachment A.pdf319-05162023 Establishment of minimum set aside for general fund beginning balance and contingency.pdf320-06062023 Dissolution of Plans Trailer Copier.pdf321-06062023 Surplus Equipment - ISI Thermal Imager.pdf322-06202023 Surplus Equipment (multiple items) see attachment A.pdf323-06202023 Surplus Apparatus 1009 (E93).pdf324-09052023 Transfer funds from Leave Accrual Fund to the General Fund.pdf325-09052023 Revising of districts fund accounting structure.pdf326-09052023 Revision of the districts purchase policy.pdf327-09192023 Adoption of Long Term Financial Plan.pdf328-09192023 Transfer funds from Equipment Reserve Fund to General Fund.pdf329-09192023 Amend 2023 Operating Budget.pdf330-10172023 Transfer funds from general fund and apperatus fund to dept service fund.pdf331-11072023 Surplus Apparatus 1001 (Tender 93) and Apparatus 909 (Engine 92).pdf332-11142023 Adoption of General Fund Ordinance.pdf333-11142023 Adoption of EMS Ordinance.pdf334-11142023 Adoption of of the district's FY2024 comprehensive budget.pdf335-11212023 Surplus Equipment (Multiple Items See Attachment A).pdf336-12052023 Adopt 2024 Regular Commissioner Meeting Dates.pdf337-12192023 Surplus Equipment (Multiple Items) See attachment A.pdf338-12192023 Purchase a type one fire engine to replace Apparatus 1014.pdf339-12192023 - Transfer funds to AFG fund from General Fund.pdf


2022 Resolutions

298-02152022 Surplus Equipment299-04192022 Surplus Equipment Kitchen Appliance300-06212022 Surplus Electronic Equipment 301-10182022 FY2022 Amended Operating Budget302-11152022 FY2023 Operating Budget303-11152022 FY2023 General Fund Levy304-11152022 FY2023 EMS Levy Budget305-11152022 FY2023 EMS Levy306-11152022 Transfer to Capital Facility Reserve Fund307-11152022 FY2023 Debt Service Budget308-11152022 Transfer to Apparatus Replacement Fund309-12062022 2023 Board Meeting Dates310-12062022 Surplus Equipment Fire Extinguisher311-12062022 Surplus Equipment Hurst Equipment312-12202022 Surplus Equipment Canon Camera and CRT Monitor


2021 Resolutions

281-02162021 Transfer Funds to Apparatus Reserve282-03162021 Redemption of 2007 Bonds283-07062021 FY2021 Amended Operating Budget284-07202021 FY2021 Amended Debt Service Budget285-10192021 Surplus Equipment (SCBA)286-11022021 Transfer to Capital Facility Reserve287-11022021 Transfer Funds to Apparatus Reserve288-11022021 Transfer Funds to Equipment Reserve289-11022021 Surplus Equipment (SCBA)290-11022021 FY2022 Debt Service Budget291-11022021 FY2022 EMS Levy Budget292-11022021 FY2022 EMS Levy293-11022021 FY2022 General Fund Levy294-11162021 FY2022 Operating Budget295-12072021 2022 Regular Board Meeting Schedule296-12212021 Surplus Apparatus #917297-12212021 Surplus Equipment (4) Extinguishers


2020 Resolutions

265-05052020 EMS Levy Proposition266-09152020 Surplus Equipment267-09152020 Surplus Apparatus268-09152020 FY2020 Amended Budget269-11032020 FY2021 Budget270-11032020 FY2021 Substantial Need271-11032020 FY2021 General Fund Levy272-11032020 FY2021 Debt Service Budget273-11172020 FY2021 EMS Levy Budget274-11172020 Surplus Equipment275-11172020 Transfer Capital Facility Fund276-11172020 Transfer Apparatus Replacement Fund277-11172020 Transfer Equipment Reserve Fund278-12012020 Regular Board Meeting Schedule279-12012020 Rescind Resolution 271-11032020280-12012020 FY2021 General Fund Levy