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East County Fire & Rescue provides fire protection and emergency medical service response to the 10,000+ residents who live in the 60 square miles of rural Southeastern Clark County.  The map below shows the ECFR response area and our five station locations.

Station 91 and Station 94 are both staffed 24/7/365.  This gives us one on-duty crew on each side of the Washougal River.  This is important due to the limited number of access points created by the river.

Station 92 and Station 93 provide response via On-Call Volunteer Firefighters who leave their homes or places of work to take fire/medical apparatus to the scene.

The Washington Survey and Rating Bureau (WSRB) grants fire protection credit to structures within 5 road miles of a fire station.  Our fire stations provide 5-mile coverage to over 98% of the Fire District’s residents.  Structures located beyond the 5-mile limit are subject to higher costs for fire insurance.  The Fire District maintains a fleet of four Water Tenders.  Water Tender credit (a discount on the price of fire insurance) is available to East County residents.

The CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) used by the county-wide Dispatch Center sends the closest fire/medical unit to emergencies—regardless of jurisdiction.  East County Fire & Rescue responds to automatically assist the cities of Camas, Vancouver and Washougal; as well as Fire District #3 (Brush Prairie), Fire District #13/North Country EMS (Yacolt), Skamania County Fire District #4 (west-end of the Columbia River Gorge) and the Washington Department of Natural Resources.  In return, these same entities respond to assist ECFR.

All fire agencies in Clark County have signed a county-wide Mutual Aid pact—where each agency agrees to help the other in times of need.  ECFR also participates in State Mobilization (responds to emergencies anywhere in the State of Washington) and the EMAC (Emergency Management Assistance Compact) agreement, which allows agencies to assist each other in any State that has signed the EMAC agreement.