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Public Records

The Fire Chief and the administrative staff are responsible for managing and maintaining East County Fire and Rescue’s official records.  The Public Records Officer will be determined by ECFR Board of Commissioners.  All requests for public records should be made in writing and delivered in person or by mail, email, or fax using the District’s Request for Public Records form.  All requests will be handled in accordance with our Public Records Policy.

WSRB Protection Class

Effective December 1, 2016, the Washington Surveying and Rating Bureau has upgraded our Community Protection Class Grade to 6.  PC 6 is the overall class of the community served by East County Fire & Rescue.  Individual properties located within the area we serve may have a different protection class based on the rules of the applicable protection class manual.  Click here to view the full report from the Surveying and Rating Bureau.

Knox Box

Installing a Knox Box or a Knox key switch on your gate or business will allow quicker access in the case of an emergency.  Visit our Knox Box Program page for more information.

Volunteer Opportunities

East County Fire & Rescue is a combination fire department with career and volunteer personnel working together to provide excellent service to our community.  Visit our Volunteer Opportunities page if you are interested in becoming a volunteer, resident, or intern firefighter.

Outdoor Burning


Some residents of Clark County may burn vegetation that was grown on their property.  To determine if you can burn on your property you can check the maps available on the SW Clean Air Agency  website.  You can pick up a permit for small fires at your local fire station or you can print the permit from the Clark County Fire Marshall’s website.  Visit our Outdoor Burning page for more information.