Knox Box Program:

Hello and welcome to East County Fire & Rescues Knox Box Program. Detailed within this section are links to help guide you through the process of purchasing a Knox Box for your home or business. This section also emphasizes the importance for access during emergencies, and will show how having a Knox Box installed will minimize or eliminate the need for property damage when the fire dept arrives at your residence.


Order Knox Products for Your Gate Online

  • Go to
  • Select “Products/Place Order”
  • Enter Zip Code
  • Select “Clark Co Fire Marshal – Gates”
  • (Do not select East County Fire & Rescue)


Provided are some additional links to other helpful websites in your search for information regarding Clark Counties Codes and Regulations and links to the Fire Marshals Office and Links to the Knox Box website.

See Clark County codes in reference to this fire department access and homeowner responsibilities.

After receiving your Knox Box contact East County Fire & Rescue to have your keys or gate codes secured in your new Knox Box.

You can also contact ECFR for information on:

– A good location to install your Knox Box.

– What to keep in the Knox Box.

– How to Install the Knox Box so it can be accessed by emergency personnel.


Contact Mike Carnes with any questions or assistance:

360-834-4908 or

Knox Box Flyer