Station 93

121 NE 312th Ave.

Washougal, WA  98671


  • Built in 1993
  • 5775 sq ft
  • Fully functional station
  •  Public meeting room available for use by members of the community.  Call 834-4908 or visit our Contact Us page to request a reservation.
  • Call 360-834-4908 for Non-Emergency Contact.

Engine 93

1995 H&W Spartan, 1500 GPM

Water Capacity:  1000 Gallons

Hydraulic Rescue Tool, Rope Rescue and Water Rescue Equipment

Squad 93

2005 Ford F550 4X4

Water Capacity:  300 Gallons

Class A Foam Proportioner

Pump and Roll Capability to Fight Fast Moving Grass Fires

Tender 93

1999 International H&W 6X6, Water Tender

Water Capacity:  2500 Gallons

Pump:  750 GPM Pump

Air 93

1990 Ford F800

Support Vehicle – Equipped with air system to refill cylinders for breathing apparatus at fire scenes

10 KW Generator and Scene Lights

Miscellaneous Tools and Supplies

Rehab 93

2001 Ford First Responder

Carries no water

Used for rehab support